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Arkema worldwide

UV-Curable 3D Printing

Specialty resins

Photoinitiators and Cationic Resins

Bio Based resins

  • Sarbio range - Acrylate and methacrylates based on renewable raw materials

Nail Care

Sartomer Low Migration 

  • Low migration product range - a full panel of compliant solutions for UV and LED curable printing inks and varnishes
  • LM5201 - New low migration monomer for flexographic and digital UV/LED curable inks

Rubber Coagents

  • Rubber Coagents - Discover Sartomer (meth)acrylate and Saret scorch protected coagents


  • Additives product range - UV LED EB solutions for coatings inks and adhesives

Reactive Diluents


Polymer Synthesis

Expertise : Flyers and brochures 

  • Advanced materials for construction - Design high performance solutions with specialty methacrylates
  • Acrylic polymer synthesis - Discover our high performance specialty acrylate and methacrylate building blocks
  • Excimer curing technology - Product range selection
  • UV curable 3D printing - Drive innovation towards the future
  • EPDM rubber compounds - Coagents selection for optimal processing and advanced rubber properties
  • EB curing systems - Latest liquid resins advancements for EB curable systems
  • UV curable hardcoats - Our best in class oligomers to address extreme conditions
  • UV LED and low energy curing - How to optimize the performance of your UV LED curable systems
  • Flooring and waterproofing - Reduce VOCs and optimize performance with specialty acrylates and methacrylates
  • REACH 2018 - With us, make sure the chemicals you use are REACH compliant
  • Soft touch and feel UV curable coatings - Give a high-end luxurious feel to your UV curable specialty coatings
  • Composites and gelcoats - Methacrylate solutions for advanced performance
  • UV LED EB curing technologies - Move to HSE friendly and cost efficient curing processes

Our experts' articles and technical bulletins

  • Commercializing UV Curable thermosets for continuous fiber 3D printing - Composite World, January 2021
  • Breakthrough Collaborations Drive Additive Manufacturing Innovation - Jeffrey Klang,, November 2020
  • Effect of acrylate monomer and oligomer selection on the properties of cured coatings - Xavier Drujon, ECJ, May 2020
  • Making the Most of 3D Printing and Composites - Sumeet Jain,, May 2020
  • Advancing the Development of 3D Printing Materials by Fostering Collaborative Partnerships Globally and Locally - Sumeet Jain and Hélène Egret,, November 2019
  • Innovative Solutions to Advance the Additive Manufacturing of Ceramic Materials - Yann Stolz and Jeffrey A. Klang, TCT white paper, November 2019
  • Innovation and opportunities in photocurable 3D printing technology - Jeffrey Klang, TCT white paper, September 2019
  • Innovative partnerships drive 3D printing materials development - Sumeet Jain -, August 2019
  • Developing UV-curable soft touch finishes - Xavier Drujon - European Coatings Journal, February 2017
  • SUA+ - Xavier DRUJON - RADTECH, OCTOBER 2021
  • N3xtDimension Liquid UV-Curable Engineered Resins for 3D Printing - Sumeet Jain -, April 2019
  • Alternative ways to achieve low gloss and soft touch UV/EB coatings - Xavier Drujon - European Coatings Journal, May 2018
  • Raw material advances for UV-LED curing systems - Xavier Drujon and Charles Bourrousse - Farbe und lack, November 2016 (Only available in German)
  • Safe handling guide on UV/EB acrylate systems - CEFIC - European Chemical Industry Council, January 2017

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