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Arkema worldwide

Bio Based resins

Coatings and Inks

Product selectors 

Sartomer Low Migration 

  • Low migration product range - a full panel of compliant solutions for UV and LED curable printing inks and varnishes

Specialty resins

Photoinitiators and Cationic Resins

Nail Care

UV-Curable 3D Printing

Rubber Coagents

  • Rubber Coagents - Discover Sartomer (meth)acrylate and Saret scorch protected coagents

Reactive Diluents

Polymer Synthesis

Advanced Materials 

  • Advanced materials for construction - Design high performance solutions with specialty methacrylates
  • Flooring and waterproofing - Reduce VOCs and optimize performance with specialty acrylates and methacrylates
  • Composites and gelcoats - Methacrylate solutions for advanced performance
  • Resins for UV and thermal curing pultrusion processes

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