Websites and locations

Private access

How to create a private account ?

A private account on one of our regional websites (Americas, EMEA or Asia) is the first step to access exclusive features, such as advanced product comparison tools, SDS/TDS download, technical presentations, expert articles and more. 

Product finders

How to use our product finder comparison tools ?

Our advanced product finders help you find and compare resins and photoinitiators by chemical or common name, CAS, technical data, and more. 

How to add a product as a favorite ?

Favorite products to easily access them in the future, for TDS download, sampling, etc. 


How to download an SDS? 

If you have purchased a material from the Sartomer® product line in the last 12 months, you can access it’s SDS through your My Arkema account.
If you do not yet have a My Arkema account, you can create it here.

If you have never purchased materials from us, please contact us to request an SDS.

How to download a TDS ?

Downloading a technical data sheet (TDS) is easy - just login to your private account and head over to one of our product finders

How to favorite a document ?

Favorite a document that you want easy access to again in the future


How to order a sample ?

Order easily samples of 1 kg by adding them to the sampling cart.